Pest Control Biggin Hill

pest control biggin hill

Pest Control Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Home A Bug Free Zone

Pests include bugs, roaches, insects, rodents and other unwanted visitors to your Biggin Hill home. As humans, we often forget that we live in the natural world and have integrated ourselves into the environment. Unfortunately, animals that we see as pests are ...

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How you can tell if you have mice or rats?

Mice are normally active at night, and you may not see them during the day.You may find nests, which are made of materials such as paper and look like a ball of material loosely woven together. You may find partially nibbled food and small droppings.


Rats are also nocturnal. Droppings near food sources are the most common sign of rats along with evidence of gnawing, tracks, burrows and ...

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Minimise the risk of rats and mice in your home

Mice and rats may be discouraged and infestations prevented by improving hygiene and by blocking access points to your home:

make sure that air bricks are in place and intact (do not block them)
look for access points around gas, electricity and water pipes
check that doors fit tightly
fit cone guards around the bottom of drainpipes to prevent rats from climbing up – you’ll be able to get these from your local hardware or DIY store
fit metal balloon guards ...

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How to discourage rats

This post proposes to give advice on to how to get rid of rats from inside of a house. Most people will agree, charming as they are, rats are not welcome in certain places – houses in particular.

First Steps
Before getting rid of rats there are a few prejudices to get rid of first:

‘Rats observe the fate of their fellow rat. They will not step into a trap that another ...

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