Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

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Adult females lay their eggs on average 500 near the surface of fermenting fruits and vegetables or near the cover crack of imperfectly sealed containers. They hatch in about 30 hours. The whole life cycle can take as little as 8 days, the female mates after 2 days of becoming an adult. Their reproductive potential is enormous.

Fruit flies are attracted to fresh fruits and vegetables because of the fermenting yeast. They are not only attracted to decaying food but also fermenting liquids such as, beer, cider, vinegar and wine. They tend to use the mops and brush heads and other cleaning materials and areas to breed. Adults tend to hover in small circles.

Reasons for Control
Bad Hygiene, loss of goodwill, prevention of disease, loss of quality and to comply with UK Legislation.

Solution How to get rid of Fruit Flies
The best solution to the question “How to get rid of fruit flies?” is to call the experts, as we are experienced with the best and tried methods to get rid of your unwanted pests.
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