Bird & Pigeon Services

We carry out a service of installing pigeon anti-perch spikes/wires and also supply and fit pigeon nets to customers balconies and to commercial properties.

Armed with disinfectant and high-pressure jets we wash and can clean unsightly pigeon mess away with ease. For some difficult areas we may need to hire equipment such as cranes and hoists.

Mission Impossible

Usually the filthiest areas are the most difficult to get to, let alone service, and understandably some high areas cannot be reached using even the most high-tech machinery.

When given awkward jobs such as these we take to the skies with our own team of trained abseiler’s!

bird prevention netting

pigeon nettingComplete enclosures against birds

Balcony bird nettingBalcony netting

Cherry Picker for Bird PreventionCherry Picker for Bird Prevention

Reaching high placesReaching high places

pigeon netting for balconiesBird Prevention

Solar Panel Bird Prevention
Solar Panel Bird Prevention

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