A&H Pest Control is an established service that carries out work for domestic, private properties and also commercial and council work.

Here is a quick summary of our services;

Insect , Rodent and Bird Control Services

Identifying and treating rats, mice, squirrels, fleas and other insects and pests. Installing prevention systems such as netting, spikes or bait.

Cleaning Division Services

We cover domestic and commercial premises and work for local authorities and councils all over London and within our coverage area treat empty and occupied council properties.

We also carry out large pigeon prevention and pigeon waste removal jobs and often treat whole estates and blocks of flats.

Our cleaning division clean empty and squalid properties, where people have may have died or squatted, for example.

Waste Removal Services

Where rats, mice and other rodents have infested in over-grown council gardens, we clear the area, removing any mess and treat it accordingly and dispose of all waste and garden vegetation.