Grain Weevil

Grain Weevil

(Sitophilus granarius)
3 – 4 mm

The granary weevil female bores a hole into a kernel of grain and lays an egg, sealing the opening with gelatinous material. The egg hatches in a few days. A female can lie more than 200 eggs under favourable conditions (range 36-254). The entire life cycle from egg to adult maybe as short as one month during the summer or as long as 5 months during the winter, being very dependent upon the temperature. There are usually 4 generations per year. The adults can live 7-8 months.Complete metamorphosis.

The grain weevil is usually confined to stored grain and is primarily transported by man. The larva typically requires a whole kernel for development but can develop in caked grain material. It attacks all kinds of grains and grain products. When disturbed, it drags its legs up to its body and plays dead.Adults are not attracted to light.

Reasons for Control
Prevention of damage to goods, loss of quality, cross infestation, loss of goodwill, to comply with UK Legislation.

Solution How to get rid of Grain Weevils
The best solution to the question “How to get rid of grain weevils?” is to call the experts, as we are experienced with the best and tried methods to get rid of your unwanted pests.
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