larder beetle

Larder Beetle

(Dermestes lardarius)
7 – 9 mm

Adult females lay their eggs on suitable food for the larva or in cracks and crevices where such food is stored, the number of eggs range from 102-800. Development time from egg to adult may only require 40-50 days but usually takes 2-3 months or longer. There is usually only one generation per year but in some locations there maybe as many as 6. The adults overwinter in bark crevices and enter the buildings in the spring and summer. Adults live about 3-5 months. Complete Metamorphosis.

The adults and larva feed on all kinds of animal products such as dried fish, ham, bacon, meats, cheese, dried pet food, and dried museum species including insects, hides, feathers, horn, and hair. Most damage is done by larval feeding, but adults also feed and cause damage.

Reasons for Control
Prevention of damage to goods and products, loss of goodwill, prevention of diseases.

Each year widespread damage is caused by textile pests, primarily two moths and four carpet beetles species. This is because of the common use of wool and other animal hair clothing, carpeting and furniture etc. and a failure to properly protect these items from insect attack. These insect pests share the unusual ability to digest the protein keratin, the major component of animal hair, feathers, horns, hoofs etc.
One of the first signs people see is damage to materials and goods rather than the insect itself, and its not always moths that cause damage there are the beetles as well.

Solution How to get rid of beetles
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