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Pest Control South Bank

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An Important Part Of Keeping An Attractive Garden Is Dealing With Pests

Obviously, you want to keep your garden appearing as nice as possible, so you have to take action, but it’s nigh impossible to get rid of all the pests. Insects are a problem as they can hide under the soil, in weeds or piles of leaves. Your first line of attack will be to get rid of their hiding places whenever possible. Pick up and remove old leaves, weeds and decaying heaps of vegetal matter. Excavate over sections of soil and bust any clumps on a frequent basis. By doing this subterranean pest hideouts will likely be minimised.

Noticing that holes have been chewed into your plants since you last looked at them is quite a nasty surprize. Infestations are usually the guilty party. The most common ones are slugs, worms and birds, but there are also caterpillars, snails and in some cases, moles.

Pests have to be eliminated without delay if you want to maintain the good health and look of your garden. They can become entrenched if not destroyed immediately. A well-kept garden is usually a pleasant thing that adds value to a home.

Dormant spray can be something else you should use to restrict plant diseases and insect activity. February or March is the best time for this, mainly because then is the dormant period for plants. The dormant spray will not be effective until the instructions are meticulously followed. Another reason to follow the guidelines is that when used incorrectly it could be lethal for your plants. In the same way some insects can be harmful for your garden, there are others that are good, therefore try and retain them. There are also all those winged pests, the birds. Given that they’re so movable it’s very hard to chase them away, so it’s better to try to distract them from your plants by means of a bird feeder. Rather than to allow them to feed on your garden produce, give them bird food in your feeder. Not only will a feeder look good, but it is likewise cheaper over time.

Although possessing a dog might possibly be helpful, it certainly is not going to fix the situation entirely. Many backyards are tormented by moles. If you have declining plants and discover small heaps of pushed-up soil then you can be sure they’re around. Most of these little animals certainly understand how to make a nuisance of themselves. A lot of these small-tailed fellows are sometimes white, but in most cases brown or black, and vary in length from 5 to 14 inches. One strategy of eliminating them is via trapping. To accomplish this successfully you must find their tunnels and choose the right position for the traps You may try triggering a smoke bomb in the entrance to a tunnel, which could force a mole to the surface or suffocate it.

You may well need a professional if your problem is multiple pests in the house.


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