Common Clothes Moth

Common Clothes Moth

(Tineola Bisselliella)
12 mm

On the day of emergence from there pupae, adult females can mate and lay eggs. Each female on average lays 30-40 eggs, either singly or in small groups over a 2-3 week period. The eggs hatch within 4-10 days in the summer but may require up to 3 weeks in the winter. Development time from egg to an adult varies from a typical 50-90 days to between 35 days to 4 years. Females die after all their eggs are laid, usually in about 116 days, whereas males live on average about 28 days.Complete Metamorphosis.

They attack synthetic fibres only when they are interwoven with natural animal fibre material or are soiled. They feed on materials such as wool, hair, fur etc. they have been found infesting beef meat, fish and milk products in addition to furs and woollens. Under heavy infestations larva maybe seen crawling about exposed. The adults do not feed.

Reasons for Control
Considerable damage of goods and products, loss of quality and loss of good will.

Solution How to get rid of Moths
The best solution to the question “How to get rid of Moths?” is to call the experts, as we are experienced with the best and tried methods to get rid of your unwanted pests.
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