Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons

(Columbia livia)
28 cm

Breeding can occur throughout the year, but the peak occurs between March and July. Two white eggs are laid and incubated for 17-19 days by both parents. The young pigeons or squabs are fed on high protein Pigeon milk. But this gradually replaced by regurgitated grain. The young are independent after 30-37 days. Up to 4 broods maybe reared during the year. Some young birds breed at 6 months.

Nests are built in or on buildings, bridges, ledges or hollows such as gutters. Grass, twigs, feathers and scraps such as pieces of wire are used in their unusually flimsy nests. Feral Pigeons mainly rely on spillage’s or scraps left by the public. Some pigeons fly to arable farmlands to feed on sowings and stubbles. Pigeons normally feed in flocks.

Reasons for Control
Contamination of goods and machinery, fouling of buildings and products, spread of diseases, comply with UK Legislation.

Solution How to get rid of Pigeons
The best solution to the question “How to get rid of pigeons?” is to call the experts, as we are experienced with the best and tried methods to get rid of your unwanted pests.
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