House Mouse

House Mouse

(Mus Domesticus)
6.5 – 9 cm

The house mouse is a prolific breeder, they reach sexual maturity within 35 days. Pregnancy lasts an average of 19 days. There is about 8 litters a year with an average of 6 young per litter. A mouse requires about 3gr of food per day and 1.5ml of water although this can be extracted from the food they eat. They carry disease, the worst being Salmonella, via their droppings of which on average is 50 – 80 per day. Over a 6-month period a pair of mice will eat about 1.8kg of food, produce 18.000 droppings, and 355ml of urine.

Their proffered nesting sites are dark secluded places where there is little chance of being disturbed. They require an opening of only 6mm to gain entry to premises. They eat many kinds of food but prefer seeds, they will always try new foods. If food and shelter are plentiful they will only travel 1.5-2.0mts from their harbourage. Nesting materials include paper products, cotton, packing materials, wall/attic insulation fabrics etc.

Reasons for Control
Disease, Contamination of goods and property, Prevention of Damage, Product losses, Loss of Goodwill i.e. Bad Publicity, Staff Relations. To comply with UK Legislation.

Solution How to get rid of Mice
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