Mealworm Beetle

Mealworm Beetle

(Tenebrio molitor)
14 – 16 mm

The adult female lays eggs singly or in clusters in food material over a period of 22-137 days, with an average of 276 eggs being laid per female. Development time from egg to adult usually requires 280-630 days. There is usually 1 generation per year but some individuals may require up to 2 years to complete their development. Adults usually live 2-3 months. The species is of medical concern because the eggs and/or lava are ingested with cereals or breakfast foods can cause stomach discomfort.

Yellow mealworms are usually found breeding in grain refuse and debris, and typically indicate lack of proper hygiene. They prefer dark damp situations. They have been found in neglected corners with accumulated grain, under bags of grain in warehouses and feed stores, in spillage around grain bins, in litter of poultry houses where grain is mixed with droppings.

Reasons for Control
Damage to goods, loss of production, loss of quality, cross infestation, to comply with UK Legislation.

Solution How to get rid of beetles
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