Brown Rat

Norway Brown Rat

(Rattus Norvegicus)
18 – 25 cm

Reach sexual maturity in 2-5 months. Pregnancy lasts an average of 23 days. Average number of litters per year is 3-6 each containing 7-8 young rats.They require about 25g of food per day (approx. 10% of body weight) and 25ml of water each day. They can carry many Diseases including, Murine typhus via fleas, Weils disease, Salmonellosis via their droppings which is between 30-180 per day and 16cc of urine everyday.

Normally nest outdoors but do nest indoors in cellars and lower portions of the building although they will infest attics and roofs if it’s possible. An entry point of no more than 12mm is required for rats to enter the premises. They will eat practically anything they prefer meat, fish and cereals although if they dislike a food they will quickly develop food shyness. They also need a non-food source for liquid. They will travel between 30-47mts from their harbourage for food and/or water. They will gnaw anything to get to a food source and water source even plastic and lead pipes.

Reasons for Control
Disease, Contamination of goods and property, Prevention of Damage, Product losses, Loss of goodwill i.e. Bad publicity, Staff Relations. Also to comply with UK legislation

Solution How to get rid of rats
The best solution to the question “How to get rid of rats?” is to call the experts, as we are experienced with the best and tried methods to get rid of your unwanted pests.
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