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If you need help on how to get rid of a wasp nest, A&H Pest Control is the fast and expert company that can help you.

We offer a guaranteed removal service for wasps and insects.

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A&H is a Pest Control Specialist company which is BPCA Registered and also an Exor Member, recommended by the Government.

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  • Upon arrival we carry out a survey of the infested area and once we have detected a need for control we locate the nest and treat it with an insecticide.–A&H Pest Control

  • Wasps are probably the most familiar and least liked of all British insects and are regarded by many as pest which stings indiscriminately. In fact they do not normally sting unless they are attacked or frightened.–A&H Pest Control

  • DIY treatment of wasps involves using a proprietary powder. This should be puffed into and around the nest entrance (preferably at dusk when the wasps are less active). You should do this quickly and retreat from the area as an attack on the nest will cause the wasps to attack. (Alternatively – Just call us!)–A&H Pest Control