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An Important Part Of Keeping An Attractive Garden Is Managing Pests

Although you will not have a completely pest-free garden, you can largely protect the results of your labours by taking appropriate action. A problem is that insects are usually only found by looking for them in rotting vegetation or underneath the surface of the soil. Your first line of attack should be to do away with their hiding places whenever possible. Dispose of the rotting substances, the leaves and weeds that offer shelter to the insects. It is best to rotate the soil on a routine basis, taking care to break up the clods. By doing this subterranean bug hideouts are going to be minimised.

Realizing that holes have been chewed into your plants since you last saw them is quite a nasty surprise. Some of these holes that have wrecked your plants are from pests. Birds, slugs, and worms are some of the garden pests that are the worst, as well as snails, caterpillars and even moles.

To keep your garden in good shape, you will need to get rid of all of your pests at the earliest opportunity. The longer they remain, the harder they’re going to be to get rid of. A backyard garden contributes to a house when you keep it up, and keep it in good shape.

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Pests that consume your plants and diseases that disfigure and kill them should also be suppressed with dormant spray. February or March is the ideal time for this, simply because then is the dormant time for plants. The dormant spray isn’t going to be effective unless of course the instructions are carefully followed. One other reason to follow the directions is that if used incorrectly it could be lethal for your plants. Just as some insects could be unhealthy for your garden, there are others that are good, so try and retain them. There is one more class of garden pest, that lives not on the ground but in the sky – birds. Trying to chase them away isn’t going to do much good, but a solution you might try is to put up a bird feeder. Let the birds feed on whatever you have in your feeder instead of what’s in your garden. It will help save money in the long run, and become part of your yard decoration.

It might not stop your whole problem, but having a dog might help also. Typically moles are a garden owner’s horror. When you have dying plants and discover small heaps of pushed-up soil then you can be sure they’re around. moles are generally little creatures that can often be a nuisance. With a length of between five and fourteen inches, moles possess small tails and might be black, brown or occasionally white. Setting traps is an excellent method to try to eliminate them. Successfully capturing them includes finding the tunnels of the moles and putting the trap in the right place. Smoke bombs set off close to the tunnel entry and spreading throughout the tunnels will hopefully get the moles.

You may well need a professional if your problem is multiple pests in the house.


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