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How to Make Your Home Bug Free

Whether we like it or not, pests are part of the natural habitat that we live in. Although some of these pests may be harmless, they need not find their way into our homes or offices. Cockroaches, bugs, squirrels, ants, mice, rats and insects are some of the most unwelcome visitors you will find in your house. Keeping these pests at bay is however more beneficial than living with them. Discussed below are several methods on how to keep pests at bay.

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A doctor will always tell you that prevention is always better than cure, well, the same applies in pest control. Pests are constantly looking for food, and will make shelter where food is abundant. Most of this food is found in leftovers on your table, in upholstery and even on the floor. Clearing all the food on the table, and wiping it clean can help reduce the number of pests sheltering under your roof. If you need to shop for grocery, make sure they are washed and kept in the refrigerator. Ensuring the house is clean at all times, and free from food remains and particles will make the pests starve, hence force them to move out quietly.

Your homes surrounding is no exception. Most pests will creep into your house at night, feed, then creep out of the house and find shelter in the dustbin and bushes nearby. The worst case scenario is if there are rats and mice within the vicinity. This means the surrounding too need to be kept clean, and with the dustbin cleared off and kept clean at all times. Clear out any unattended bushes to help keep your home clear as well.

Rats and other rodents find way into homes through cracks, spaces and crevices around the house. It will be much safer if you have all these sealed off, and leave no openings to your house. You also need to keep windows closed especially if no one is in the house.

The most persistent pests especially during summer are fleas. These mostly hide under furniture and old clothes lying outside the house. To be safe, make sure no furniture or old clothes are lying around your home. Some of these pests may be picked up by your pet, which can be devastating as well.

This article outlines that, the key to controlling pests in a neighborhood, and most importantly your home is staying clear of dirt. As long as you can maintain a cleaner home, then pests will move out, and you will get to enjoy the sereneness of your house.

You may well need a professional if your problem is multiple pests in the house.


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