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The Importance Of Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Birds are usually attracted to solar panels due to its sheltered environment it creates on your roof. The installation of solar panels on a rooftop creates a perfect space for birds to safely nest and roost under these panels. The birds also benefit from the warmth emitted from the solar panels all year around. This would create an ideal habitat for birds and also the mites and lice that inhabit the bird’s nests. This can affect the efficiency of the solar panels and waste energy in the process. This is why solar panels should be bird proofed in order to prevent the loss of energy and the wasting of money in the long run.

Solar panels can help fulfill your energy requirements as well as earn money by selling back electricity to the national grid. But the performance of these panels fall drastically due to bird droppings and birds nesting within the gaps between the solar panels and roof. Bird dropping will cut back the ability of the solar panel to collect light that is needed to generate electricity. In order to maximize the performance of the solar panels, its surface should be kept in pristine condition at all times. If bird droppings were to cover 50% of one solar cell, it can result in a 50% dropping of energy conversion of the system. By any chance, if a whole cell is covered, it may render the energy conversion rate of that particular cell to zero. This is why it is important to bird proof these panels in order to improve its efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Reputed solar companies in the United Kingdom uses effective techniques to bird proof solar panels in order to improve the productivity of these panels. It also helps prevent unwanted damage to the panels. Most of the time the protection is offered through a mesh system over the panels. These meshes are guaranteed to exclude all birds and insects and keep them away from the solar panels. Mesh systems are virtually invisible from ground level. These meshes are secured with a special variety of clips that will not damage the solar panels. Importantly, they don’t invalidate the warranty of the solar panel.


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