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A Guide To Getting Rid Of Wasps Around Your Home

Wasps are similar to bees except scarier. They are the top-dog predators in the insect world, and just about every type of insect has a different type of wasp that feeds upon it. You should note that not all the insects that a wasp kills, it immediately eats. They also use any extra food to help nourish and feed their larvae as well. Wasps are essential to the health of the eco-system and they are omnivorous which means they feed on both plants, fruits and living creatures. Even though they are critical to the proper functioning of the eco-system, they pose a huge threat to human beings because of their dangerous stingers that pack a painful punch. We will now look at a few ways that you can get rid of wasps around your home.

Once you have noticed that you have a wasp problem, i.e. you’ve seen more than a few around your home, you need to start investigating. No, I don’t mean calling the police, but rather, look around to find their nest. It may be difficult to find and you should know that not all wasp nests are located above the ground. They have both aerial nests as well as in-ground nests. The in-ground nests are usually built underground but you will see the entrance on the surface of the ground. The aerial nests can be found on trees, windows, and other hanging areas of a building.

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After you have found the nest, here is where the real work begins. Before you do anything, you should secure your family as well as any openings into your home. This means you should close all your windows, doors and seal up any holes or cracks that the wasps may fly through.

If you’re like me, then you will probably be unable to do this yourself. Therefore, you should call an exterminator who will be able to take care of your wasp problem in no time at all. Many people are allergic to wasp stings and if you or your family members get stung, make sure to seek medical help. Before the exterminators arrive, make sure to secure your family as well as your pets so that they are not in the line of fire when the wasps try to escape from the exterminator.

In conclusion, having wasps in your yard or on your property is not fun. It is unfortunately something that just happens and once you follow the above tips; your home should be wasp-free in no time at all.

You may well need a professional if your problem is multiple wasps in the house.



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